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Title:Top 10 Cities for Government Employment

Author:Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, CMRC, CFRW

Date:September 2010

Source:www.militaryresumewriters.com and www.careerproplus.com

Where in the world would Carmen Sandiego work if she worked for the U.S. Government?

The popular "Carmen Sandiego" PBS show and children's game provided a fun, educational geography and history lesson to millions of kids as they sought to foil Carmen's goal of stealing national landmarks. But if Carmen held a government job, would she be "stuck" in Washington, D.C.? Not necessarily. Based on information provided by GovCentral, here is the top ten list of cities to develop a career working for the government. Carmen has probably been to all of these cities and with her checkered past would not get a job offer from a government agency—but have you considered them for your next career step?

Number 10 — Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a destination for tourists and history buffs. With a reasonable cost of living ranking (59 out of 100) and sustained growth in education and health sectors, the home of brotherly love is also home to over 300 current government job openings in a 50-mile radius on USAJOBS.gov.

Number 9 — Los Angeles, CA

Home to film stardom for a few and aspirations of fame for many, Los Angeles also boasts over 300 current government job vacancy announcements in a wide variety of agencies and professions. Hiring now—the VA, Homeland Security, U.S. Courts system, Department of the Interior, many of the armed forces, the Department of Agriculture, and many more.

Number 8 — Albuquerque, NM

If you guessed Albuquerque would be on this list, congratulate yourself. If you're surprised, then stop and consider this Southwestern hub with well over 350 current government job vacancies and a comfortable, 20-minute average commute time.

Number 7 — Colorado Springs, CO

The tour of great U.S. cities continues with the second-largest city in Colorado and an economy driven by military, high-tech, and tourism jobs. Current openings for government positions include numerous Bureau of Land Management jobs with over 130 total positions posted on USAJOBS.gov.

Number 6 — Norfolk, VA

Norfolk's listing should surprise no one. Home to the world's largest naval base, Norfolk is the hub of the Hampton Roads region. Over 200 government job vacancies exist with a focus on the Department of the Navy and the U.S. Air Force Personnel Command. Norfolk commuters experience an average 25-minute commute time.

Number 5 — Baltimore, MD

Another non-surprise, but to be specific, the focus is on Aberdeen and Edgewood areas of Baltimore. The region is rich with opportunity for government job seekers with over 2,100 job postings currently reported in a huge variety of professions. Definitely worth consideration for those interested in this vibrant region.

Number 4 — Charleston, SC

Huh? Sleepy Charleston with a population of just over 100,000 is the number-four spot for your government career? According to GovCentral, the answer is yes, although the reasoning is unclear. Could be a lifestyle influence—Charleston is a city of lilting tradition and polite style, with just under 100 government positions listed, mainly for the Department of the Navy and the U.S. Air Force Personnel center.

Number 3 — San Antonio, TX

Texas weighs in with the big-shouldered city of San Antonio, home to explosive growth lately and a variety of opportunities. Remember the Alamo here and visit the famous Riverwalk downtown while considering one of 270+ federal job openings, many with the U.S. Air Force, Army Medical Command, or the VA. It's possible to have to endure a wretched commute in San Antonio because of the growth, so choose locations wisely.

Number 2 — Arlington, VA

You might expect to see Arlington right at the top of this list. Arlington is the location of Arlington National Cemetery, Washington National Airport, the Pentagon, the USMC War Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, and numerous other monuments. It's literally right across the river from Washington, D.C., so yes, it's a hub for government jobs with over 2,000 jobs in a 50-mile radius, which of course includes D.C. The distinction between Arlington and D.C. is minimal if not miniscule for job seekers.

Number 1 — Washington, D.C.

No surprise here. The hub of government is also home to many of the higher-end government jobs, including many of the Senior Executive Service positions. Of the 158 SES job postings, 113 are located in the D.C. area. To use the wisdom from the sport of fishing, you fish where the fish are. For those "fishing" for high-end government jobs, the "big fish" are in D.C.

Get over to USAJOBS.gov to check out a city near you or one of these "top ten" locations when considering a government career. To help your chances of gaining a good rating and landing on the interview list, consider using a career/resume specialist with comprehensive experience in preparing government job applications.

Barbara Adams, President and CEO of CareerPro Global (CPG), the parent company of www.careerproplus.com and www.militaryresumewriters.com, has been a member of the careers community for the past 20 years. Ms. Adams holds four prestigious industry certifications. CareerPro Global is the only ISO 9001-2008 Certified Career Service in the industry, as well as one of the fastest-growing Military, Federal, and Civilian Resume-Writing and Careers-Coaching companies. The team of Certified Professional Federal and Military Resume Writers at CPG assist thousands of clients in applying for and gaining employment each year. We can help you land your military to civilian job.

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