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Title:Best jobs for vets? Systems analysts and admins

Author:Leo Shane III - © 2012 Stars and Stripes

Date:October 2012

Source:Stars and Stripes

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 75

WASHINGTON — What's the best profession for recently separated troops looking for work? A new data analysis by an occupations expert says that the computer systems analyst and network systems administrator fields offer the best mix of high salary, ample openings and "Veteran friendly" hiring practices.

In his new book "the 150 best jobs for the military-to-civilian transition," author Laurence Shatkin complied data on veterans employment trends and median salaries from the American Community Survey to rank the jobs. He said the best jobs have nationwide openings and "involve skills that are most likely to be learned through military training."

"One reason this list can be useful is that you probably have much in common with these other veterans," Shaktin writes. "Whatever the reasons that recent veterans are concentrated in these jobs, these same reasons may work in your favor, improving your odds of getting hired."

It is the second time in as many years Washington, D.C., has acknowledged Ameren's commitment to hiring and supporting military veterans.

Here's a look at his top 10 and listed jobs in these areas currently on

  Profession Percent veterans Annual earnings Annual openings
1. Computer Systems Analysts 2.3% $78,770 22,250
2. Network System Administrators 3.7% $70,970 15,530
3. Logisticians 15.1% $71,910 4,870
4. Electricians 2.4% $49,320 28,920
5. Administrative Services Managers 2.1% $79,540 9,980
6. Industrial Machinery Mechanics 2.3% $46,270 11,710
7. EMTs and paramedics 4.2% $30,710 12,080
8. Compliance officers 3.3% $60,740 5,860
9. First-line supervisors of mechanics and repairers 3.7% $59,850 16,490
10. Commercial pilots 15.2% $70,000 1,930

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