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Title:Your #1 Career Tip for 2016 and How to Capitalize

Author:Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, MFRW, MMRW, MFCA-T

Date:February 2016

Source:www.militaryresumewriters.com and www.careerproplus.com

As I write this, February is nearly gone. But you can take action right now to make this your best year yet. And there's no better time to invest than now. But I'm not talking about the stock market. I'm talking about investing in yourself and your career. The economy and job outlook are actually really strong and more jobs are available in the federal government www.usajobs.gov and in the private sector www.indeed.com than in 2015.

Investment vs. Cost

The experts tell us that investments are much different than costs. A cost is just that; all outlay with no significant expected return. Investments, on the other hand, are costs with an expected return, and, more than likely, a return that far surpasses the initial cost.

Your career is an investment you need to make to see significant return. But you have to be smart about it. This quote from Austin Kiplinger, publisher of Kiplinger magazine nails it:

"Look at your career as your primary investment. Keep your earning power at its highest level. The money you spend doing this will return more to you than all other investments you're likely to make. You are your own best investment!" (CareerPro Global: Testimonials)

YOU are your own best investment! And there are many ways to invest in yourself.

For example...

"The person you are in five years is determined primarily by two things: the books you read and the people with whom you associate." (Unknown)

Invest in your earning potential

Both are investments in yourself. And you should take that investment seriously. As mentioned in the quote above, investing in your career will likely return far more than any other investment you make.

Think about your earning potential for the next 40 years. If you start out in an entry-level position and build your skill set, track-record, and experience, raises will naturally come. But the key is to document that experience on your resume and keep it updated and ready for the next opportunity.

Hire a professional

Each position you apply for will need a flawless resume prepared professionally. This isn't where you want to skimp. You want the best in the business. Is it going to cost some dough? Absolutely! Will it be worth it? When you get that call back for a second interview...or the offer you were looking for...the answer is simple. Yes!

Look at it this way...

Before you invest in a stock, you do research, right? When you buy a new car (although some would argue whether this is an actual investment), you do your research. For the next step in your career, you absolutely must do your research.

And part of that research is finding the best partner to help you build the career you want and deserve. It starts with the resume. You've worked hard and now's not the time to let that hard work take a back seat.

So the best thing you can do is have a flawless resume. It's your calling card. It speaks to your accomplishments and your track-record. It toots your horn and helps you reach for the next goal.your next assignment.

A well-prepared, professional, and updated resume will:

  • Give you the confidence you need at your current position, especially in uncertain times
  • Prepare you for future opportunities, because they sometimes come along sooner than expected
  • Tell a perspective employer exactly what you have to offer, and how it affects their bottom line
  • Get you the interview-a superior success rate (the best in the business)
  • Further your career like nothing else
  • And much more....

There's no such thing as luck

You should be continually investing in yourself so you're prepared for the next opportunity. There's no such thing as luck. But the more prepared you are, the luckier you get. The opportunities will come. The question is, will you be ready?

www.careerproplus.com can help!

Barbara Adams, President and CEO of CareerPro Global (CPG), the parent company of www.careerproplus.com and www.militaryresumewriters.com, has been a member of the careers community for the past 20 years. Ms. Adams holds four prestigious industry certifications. CareerPro Global is the only ISO 9001-2008 Certified Career Service in the industry, as well as one of the fastest-growing Military, Federal, and Civilian Resume-Writing and Careers-Coaching companies. The team of Certified Professional Federal and Military Resume Writers at CPG assist thousands of clients in applying for and gaining employment each year. We can help you land your military to civilian job.

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