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Title:CVE Verification - One small step

Author:Marc Goldschmitt, PMP

Date:March 2014

The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. - F.D Roosevelt

VA's Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) is VA's audits the ownership and control status of Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses. This audit function is implemented through a review of owner and company financial and corporate documentation.

There are many myths and truths circulating concerning the need and process for CVE Verification. These usually take center stage in any discussions and forums about Verification and CVE. The truth is that these are generally policy and interpretation issues which are slow to change. Three of the most discussed issues include:

  • Achieving verified status is, in some places, a potential discriminator that can facilitate selection as a prime or subcontractor.
  • You can only do business with VA if you are verified.
  • Verification is a difficult and complex process.

CVE Verification - To Be or Not To Be
For Veteran owned companies, it is important to understand when and why verification is needed and when it is a nice to have. Too many times, I have seen hysteria about the need for and process of obtaining V=CVE verification. To many of the veterans I have spoken with, they believe that if they do not receive CVE verification they will be put out of business.

CVE verification is not an end goal, nor should it be some intermediate way point that you must pass through on the path to riches. In the simplest of terms, CVE verification is little more than a checklist of Governance and operational documentation that demonstrates the tenets of ownership and control.

Getting ready for Verification
Preparing and collecting the documentation for submission is a relatively simple process. Challenges and issues arise when the documentation does not exist or when the company's business model differs from CVE's interpretations of ownership and control.

The Basics and Checklist for the verification process:

Preparing for Verification

  • Contact a Verification Assistance Counselor for guidance and support
  • Review or create Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Entries
  • Obtain DUNS number, if required
  • Register in the System for Acquisition Management (SAM)
  • Create a Vendor Information Pages Account and complete your business profile
  • Review documentation submission requirements for Business Type
  • Collect Documents
  • Review Documents
  • Update Documents
  • Identify Missing Documents
    • Create required documents
    • Create Explanation Why documents not required or not available
  • Verify documents are consistent, current and complete

Initiating the Verification Process

  • Log On to the VIP database to either register or update your Business
  • Select and Complete the 0877 Form
  • Enter in Owner/Member Names and ownership/Membership Interest and e-mails for all owners/members
  • Notify Owners/Members to Expect 0877 Form to electronically sign
  • Verify that all required electronic signatures are captured

Submit documentation

  • Upload Documents and verify all required documents uploaded
  • Submit the application

Receive confirmation from CVE that application has been submitted.

Promptly respond to inquiries for missing, additional or clarifying information.

If a pre-determination letter is received, review and either correct deficiencies or withdraw your application.

Marc Goldschmitt, PMP - For more than 40 years, Marc's career has included military, federal and commercial employment and procurement. Through multiple periods of active duty, he has experienced several transitions from military to civilian careers. As a Service Disabled Veteran, small business owner and certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Marc's small business employee and ownership experience includes both commercial and federal procurement. Marc has been active as a Veteran Advocate and serves on the VET Force Executive Committee, the VVA Economic Opportunity Committee, The National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) board of directors and The American Legion Small Business Task Force. He has become a nationally recognized subject matter expert (SME) on VA Verification and has represented NVSBC at conferences, roundtables and meetings with VA, Veterans groups and Congress. As a SDVOSB owner, he has provided comprehensive and insightful testimony to Joint HSBC and HVAC committee hearings

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