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Title:4 ways military spouses can enhance their job search

Author:VA Careers

Date:June 2023

Source:Career Sherpa - Reprinted with permission

You may not be on the front lines, but military spouses like you are fighting your own battles at home every day. It's that spirit of dedication, resilience and adaptability that we recognize today on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and what makes military spouses like you so valuable to employers.

Finding a new job is never easy, and your unique circumstances can make the job search quite the challenge. However, there are some things you can do to make finding an exciting career a little easier.

Embrace change

You're an expert at welcoming change, so why not try one that will make your search for meaningful work a little easier?

When it comes to positive changes in modern work culture, the rise of remote work has to be at the top of the list, particularly for military spouses. As you go through multiple military moves, there are more jobs than ever that can move with you, and you have the opportunity to grow in a consistent role.

VA has remote positions that run the range of nearly everything we do. Whether it is in clinical fields, such as medical and health, or in nonclinical fields like software development, human services and project management, there's an opportunity waiting for you at VA.

Advocate for yourself

As you relocate from post to post, you've probably collected a diverse skill set. While some employers might see that as inconsistency, those who truly understand life as a military spouse, as VA does, will recognize your adaptability and perseverance.

Managing your household through a move? That's got "project management" written all over it. All the paperwork you manage ahead of deployments? Administrative expertise.

When developing your resume, be proud of the range in your skills. Don't discount skills obtained from volunteering, education or experience. Everything you've undertaken during your spouse's military career has made you eminently employable.

Invest in networking

No one knows the value of networking better than a military spouse. Packing up your entire life and moving to a new place every few years has taught you the value of making connections quickly and using new neighbors as a resource to find your way in a new community — and that can include finding a job.

Military spouses have some of the most extensive and far-reaching connections imaginable. Tap into your network for information about possible jobs. When the time comes to apply, reach out to your network to serve as references, particularly those folks you know from your last posting. These are people who have seen what you can do and likely will be happy to share.

While you're at it, join our communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Glassdoor to learn more about opportunities at VA.

Access unique resources

VA offers numerous resources for military spouses like you to tap into and make your job search easier. One of our newest assets is the Veteran and Military Spouse Talent Engagement Program (VMSTEP), which aims to make VA the employer of choice for Veterans and military spouses.

We also use noncompetitive hiring authorities at facilities across the country to place qualified spouses in health care, claims, acquisitions, accounting, IT and even security positions.

Additionally, we maintain an updated list of career and hiring events on our website. These events can be in person or virtual, but in either case, this is the place to meet recruiters and hiring managers who are eager to talk to someone with your experience.

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