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Title:VA offers telework opportunities for military spouses through 4+1 Commitment

Author:VA Careers

Date:June 2024

Source:U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs © 2024, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 212

As part of our ongoing effort to support the hiring of military spouses, VA recently became the first Federal agency to sign the 4+1 Commitment in support of policies aimed at helping military spouses find meaningful employment.

After I married my active-duty spouse, I remembered a conversation with a skeptical relative about my remote employment search,” said Megan Paone, an active duty Army spouse. “Doubts about finding a 'unicorn' remote job were ever-present, but I knew I needed to remain optimistic about securing a position that could move with our family as needed.”

Paone's concerns are all too real for many military spouses, which is why VA's historic pledge to the 4+1 Commitment is a game-changer for military spouses. Through the 4+1 Commitment, VA is implementing policies to enhance hiring and retention efforts, resulting in long-lasting career opportunities for military spouses.

One of the tenets of the 4+1 Commitment is offering telework, virtual, and remote work, which are essential for military spouses who manage the home front. And through our Veteran and Military Spouse Talent Engagement Program (VMSTEP), we maintain our ongoing efforts to be a leader in developing and implementing military spouse-friendly policies and agencies.

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