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Title:Safeway Honored for Military Hiring — DOL refocuses the Jobs for Veterans State Grants Programs

Date:April 2014

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 93

Safeway has a long-standing tradition of supporting the military and veterans. And the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) recognized that effort this month with it's 2014 Distinguished Service Award.

Safeway was among the first employers to commit (more than 10 years ago) to covering the pay differential and extending full benefits to employees in the Reserve and National Guard, who were called to active duty. Safeway continues to provide this benefit today.

The company actively pursues employment opportunities for returning veterans through three targeted programs. Safeway's Junior Military Officer (JMO) and Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) programs were launched in 2010 and 2011, respectively, and accept applicants who have been military officers and places them in an accelerated leadership program.

The programs include on-the-job training, job-shadowing and classroom seminars. Graduates qualify for Store Manager and Assistant Manager positions, along with other manager-level roles in Supply Chain, Distribution, and the company's Division and Corporate headquarters.

In 2012, Safeway expanded its military hiring initiative further to include an even broader cross-section of the military personnel from all backgrounds through our Retail Military Recruiting Program. (Safeway partners with TAOnline to hire veterans. To view the latest opportunities click here)

This program focuses on hiring our veterans and military personnel to the retail store environment into positions such as Baker, Courtesy Clerk, Starbucks Clerk, Night Crew, Department Managers and much more.

Through the efforts of division recruiters, the team connects with local military and veteran community-based organizations, proactively, to help find high quality candidates for the retail stores and jobs for this nation's veterans. Since 2012, Safeway has hired nearly 3,600 veterans or members of the Guard and Reserve. Safeway has also committed to hiring at least another 1,500 veterans or members of the Guard and Reserve in 2014.

DOL Refocusing the Jobs for Veterans State Grants Programs —

To further improve employment services provided veterans, the Department of Labor is refocusing the Jobs for Veterans State Grants programs to ensure that veterans and eligible spouses receive the best combination of employment and training services from the 2,500 American Job Centers across the country.

The department's Veterans' Employment and Training Service and the Employment and Training Administration issued the refocusing guidance on April 10.

All veterans receive priority of service at America's Job Centers (AJCs), with help from Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program specialists who provide intensive services to disabled veterans and Local Veterans' Employment Representatives who conduct employer outreach on behalf of veterans. (To find your closest AJC, click here)

The refocusing guidance will now allow DVOPs to better serve those veterans who have significant barriers to employment while the LVERs' focus will be on intensive employer outreach to facilitate veteran employment.

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