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Title:Project Sanctuary helps military families heal

Author:VAntagePoint Contributor

Date:May 2021

Source:U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs © 2021, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 175

Project Sanctuary hosts Veteran and active duty families through six-day therapeutic retreats at locations across the United States. While at retreats, families participate in sessions directed at improving relationships, financial literacy and mental health.

Recreational activities are strategically designed to improve family cohesiveness by providing opportunities that create bonding, improved communication and trust. The key elements of these retreats allow for connections between Veterans and other Veterans, families with other families, and Project Sanctuary staff and volunteers with participants. Most importantly, retreats bring a renewed sense of closeness and connection within the family unit.

"As a single mother/veteran, this program provided continued support in a time when a female vet may feel alone. Thanks to the retreat we attended, my children and I spent more time talking and communicating about topics we never otherwise talk about and opened the door to two-way communication moving forward"
Brenda, 2020 Retreat Participant
Family support

Comprehensive family support services and case management are immediately available to families who apply for programming and support. In addition, if a family attends a retreat, Project Sanctuary dedicates at least two years of follow-up services post retreat which includes direct services and referrals to appropriate resources.

"We were struggling with the effects of PTSD, but we were merely surviving, not managing. We've improved with other programs but we specifically chose Project Sanctuary because they were the only program that could help us with communicating with our children. There are a lot of programs that help veterans but Project Sanctuary is the only one we have found that allowed us to include the children in the experience and help them also understand what is going on"
Veteran Family, September 2020 Retreat
Destination resource weekends

Destination Resource Weekends are offered three to four times a year at strategic locations across the country. These one-of-a-kind resource weekends are not your typical "fair" but instead focus on each couple's unique and personalized needs for active duty and Veteran singles or couples to build their network of support. Life goal-setting exercises kick off the weekend to help identify what each participant needs to move forward in life and thrive. Families then connect with resource partners in the areas of financial planning, psychological well-being, employment, recreation and more to set a path for success.


Project Sanctuary "Caring in Action" Volunteers and Ambassadors are also a key part of the organization giving back to Veterans and their families with the gift of time. More than 10,000 hours were contributed just last year.

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To find out more about Project Sanctuary, apply for a Therapeutic Retreat, Family Support, Destination Resource Weekend or Volunteer, visit or email

Project Sanctuary is a 501 c(3) national nonprofit headquartered in Granby, Colorado, believing that when one person serves, the whole family serves. Founded in 2007 by Heather Ehle, RN, Project Sanctuary is based on the principle that when one person serves, the whole family serves, and understanding the best way to "support the troops" was to create an organization supporting the entire family.

Currently serving, Veteran families, single parents, caregivers, couples and all families are welcome to apply.

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