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Title:Military Spouses Can Expect Easier Application Process When Applying for Federal Jobs

Author:Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, CMRC, CFRW

Date:August 2018 and

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 145

New executive order was signed by the President directing federal agencies to hire more military spouses. The hiring process has been made substantially easier. Announcements applying Military Spouse Preference can be found easily using the Military Spouse filter found in the Hiring Path section on the left side of any USAJOBS search page. It is very important to target these announcements and to orient your resume towards them. (We recommend answering the questionnaire at the highest possible level that you can prove and to use the Outline Format to showcase your supporting qualifications in your resume.)

EXECUTIVE MEMO for Priority Placement Program (PPP) Changes

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Civilian Personnel Policy) established an enterprise working group to formulate options for streamlining the PPP and optimizing career transition assistance for civilians. The working group's efforts led to 3 alternative courses of action (COAs). The DoD Components agreed with one of these three COAs. Selected COA: The selected COA will maintain the Automated Stopper & Referral System (ASARS) to place employees facing separation due to reduction in force (RIF) or transfer of function (TOF) and overseas employees without return rights.

COA Features:
  • Groups retained in PPP
    • Employees being separated due to RIF or TOF outside the commuting area
    • Nondisplaced overseas employees with no return rights or return rights to an abolished position (return would result in RIF displacement)
  • Groups that will transition to an application-based system:
    • Military spouse preference eligible (10 USC 1784)
    • Employees serving on grade/pay retention (5CFR Part 536)
    • Certain Reserve and National Guard technicians losing dual status. This group included Section 544 technicians (5 USC 3329) and former technicians receiving military disability annuities (5 USC 8837)
  • Groups that will no longer be priority candidates:
  • Nondisplaced overseas employees with return rights to lower grades
  • Employees in receipt of CLG notices due to RIF/reclassification (during the notice period)
  • Other Reserve and National Guard technician losing dual status (technicians not covered under Section 544)
  • Non-military spouse family member employees


If you require assistance in developing a competitive military spouse USAJOBS application is delighted to work with you to earn a best qualified rated and interview.

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