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Title:Kennametal Launches Initiative to Hire Veterans; Addresses Skills Gap

Author:PR Newswire

Date:November 2012

Source:PR Newswire

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 76

LATROBE, Pa., Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kennametal Inc. announced today a hiring initiative to actively recruit former military personnel into manufacturing careers. This fiscal year, the company plans to hire 50 military veterans to join its talented workforce.

"At Kennametal, we want to be there for our nation's heroes, just as they have been there for us," commented Judith Bacchus, Kennametal Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. "Military veterans create a pipeline of talent for now and in the future. Their advanced technological skills and proven leadership abilities are highly transferrable for careers in manufacturing. By stepping up our efforts to give veterans promising new careers in manufacturing, we are not only addressing the skills gap, but also filling our workforce with outstanding individuals."

Kennametal's military-hiring program is just one of many initiatives to ensure the sustainability of manufacturing and provide employment for future generations. In 2011, Kennametal launched The Young Engineers Programs to promote technical education opportunities to students interested in engineering and manufacturing careers. Through these programs, Kennametal continues to deliver on the promise of manufacturing and to help make a difference in workforce development. Taking these steps not only ensures the future of manufacturing, but that of veterans and students as well.

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