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Title:Job opportunity: Keep Veterans safe as a VA law enforcement officer

Author:VA Careers

Date:July 2021

Source:U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs © 2021, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 177

Want to help Veterans receive reliable medical care in a safe environment as a member of the VA police force?

This month, as part of our celebration of VHA's 75th anniversary, we're highlighting this critically needed occupation, which is near the top of our nonclinical career shortage list.

Modern police force

Our 4,000-member team of officers, supervisory officers and detectives staff VA medical facilities throughout the country.

"In VA law enforcement, you'll play a critical role in ensuring that Veterans receive the care they deserve as safely as possible," said Darren Sherrard, associate director of recruitment marketing.

We are building a 21st century police force focused on transparency, accountability and efficiency. The ultimate goal of this modernization effort is to increase the safety and security of Veterans, staff and visitors to our facilities.

VA police officers perform a range of duties. They intervene to de-escalate situations, as well as assess threats and take proper recourse, including taking statements, making arrests and conducting investigations. They also:

  • Ensure compliance with rules, regulations and procedures
  • Execute arrest warrants
  • Perform physical and personal security operations
  • Conduct patrols
  • Staff control desks
  • Coordinate with local courts
  • Participate in crime prevention activities

Law enforcement is an excellent career path for Veterans without health care training who are interested in helping other Veterans. Nearly 90% of our police officers are former military.

Enjoy the rewards

The biggest perk of working at VA is sharing in the rewarding mission of serving those who have served. We also offer a suite of excellent benefits, including:

  • Generous leave. Start earning vacation time on your very first day. You'll receive 13-26 days off per year, plus 10 paid federal holidays and 13 sick days. We also offer paid parental leave.
  • Comprehensive health care. You and your family will be taken care of with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, offering the widest choice of health plans in the country.
  • Excellent retirement plan. Be ready for retirement with the Federal Employees Retirement System, a three-tier retirement plan that includes Social Security, the Thrift Savings Plan and a pension.
  • Educational assistance. Enjoy one of the most comprehensive education support programs around. Pay off debt with repayment and loan forgiveness programs, or further your education with a scholarship.
Work at VA

Step into a new VA law enforcement career, keeping Veterans, family members and visitors safe.

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