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Title:Innovations in telehealth care offer new resources and opportunities

Date:November 2022

Source:U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs © 2022, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 193

When it comes to providing the best care to Veterans, we don't let distance slow us down. We always push ourselves to expand our services and improve the way we provide treatment and prevention.

A unique outreach

While recent years have taught us all new ways of communicating online, staff at the VA Cincinnati Health Care System have taken things once step farther, innovating their efforts to provide "TeleRehabilitation" — occupational, physical and speech therapy services through telehealth as an alternative to in-person care.

The demand for telehealth options has increased in recent years at the Cincinnati VA, especially for Veterans living with neurodegenerative conditions, which led to the TeleRehabilitation program. Backed by our Office of Rural Health, Cincinnati VA offers Veterans the opportunity to improve their health from the comfort of home.

One 92-year-old Veteran participated in the TeleRehabilitation program to help manage his Parkinson's disease. Over the course of eight TeleRehabilitation sessions, the team worked to improve his mobility around the home, as well as something so simple as his handwriting.

"Sometimes I write my name and it looks better than it ever has before," said the Veteran.

Ever-expanding opportunities

Even as we innovate and find new ways to reach our Veterans, continued investment in our telehealth services will allow us to maintain the broad spectrum of clinical care we've developed. Meanwhile, expanding our telehealth operations will offer care to even more patients in more specialties, which means more job opportunities in a variety of fields.

For example, VA's National Oncology Program is hiring oncologists for its National TeleOncology service. Based at the Durham VA Medical Center, our cancer specialists around the country work through this main hub from their local office, providing care virtually and giving patients access to a broader window of expertise.

Elsewhere, many Veterans have joined telehealth nutrition programs. The virtual aspect makes these programs convenient and accessible, and VA nutritionists have greater access when it comes to addressing weight management, or focusing on conditions related to nutrition, like diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol.

A career that counts

Over nine million Veterans count on us for quality health care, infused with a deep understanding of their complex needs and the challenges they face. Efforts to expand that care through Cincinnati's TeleRehabilitation program illustrates that careers at VA are constantly evolving.

Whether you're a clinical expert, like a physician or a nurse care manager, or a specialist with a particular focus like occupational therapy, we innovate new ways to care for Veterans, whether it's in a care center or at home.

We start every day with a fresh commitment to making life better for the brave men and women who risk so much to protect our freedom and our country, because we believe it's up to all of us to make sure Veterans can enjoy the health and happiness they deserve.

"I feel back where I belong now that I can be with my wife again," our Veteran from Ohio said.

Work at VA

As we continue to evolve how we care for Veterans, careers in telehealth are a great way join our team in a variety of fields.

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