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Title:How Veteran Entrepreneurs at Patriot Boot Camp Presented by Techstars Will Change the World

Author:by nextgenjustice

Date:August 2015

Source:Reprinted with permission:

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 109

The recent surge in veteran entrepreneurship that has been slowly but steadily brewing is led by one organization — Patriot Boot Camp Presented by Techstars.

Patriot Boot Camp's mission is to help military veterans and their spouses build technology companies by hosting three day events at no cost in different cities around the country. The mentorship, education, and support provided cannot be found anywhere else — especially for free! Learn more about their recent program hosted by the University of North Carolina online program at the Chapel Hill campus here and here.

Veterans understand purpose more than most and seem to carry that trait with them into their business ventures. Patriot Boot Camp supports companies that will change the world, and venture capitalists would do well to take notice. More importantly, Americans and consumers should take notice because there will be several fantastic organizations launching in the very near future.

Tiger Eye Sensor is a wearable that veteran entrepreneur CJ Scarlet developed to protect women against domestic violence and other serious crimes. The small device is voice-activated when someone yells for help. Once activated, the device connects to a trained operator to identify the problem and provide assistance. In addition, the device records everything and takes pictures for criminal evidence against the perpetrator. CJ's sound plan to partner with large security companies to license and scale product quickly ensures hers is a company that investors should take a look at.

AgriSource Data is a veteran-run startup led by Ben Worley that delivers big data and technology into farmers' hands so they can make important decisions, including vital ones such as how to utilize water efficiently. Their intuitive technology allows farmers to optimize outputs and maximize yields, creating a more sustainable future for us all. As unpredictable weather and scarce water resources become larger and larger issues, this is surely a company that will gain venture capital attention.

Patriot Boot Camp brought together several other attention-getting companies at the Chapel Hill event as well. Some have more traction than others, but all will serve a purpose and owe Patriot Boot Camp a huge thanks.

Nine other awesome veteran startup companies:

The next Patriot Boot Camp Presented by Techstars event will be hosted in Detroit, Michigan from October 23-25 at the Techstars Mobility facility and will feature many other inspiring veteran entrepreneurs.

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